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At CreditShop, we are dedicated to providing consumers with convenient personal loans at fair prices. If you have been "pre-approved” … this means that you should be able to get a loan from us, unless: (1) you have had a recent and significant adverse change in your credit profile, (2) your debts are too high as a percentage of your income, or (3) we are unable to verify your identity.

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About CreditShop Loans

For many borrowers, finding an unsecured personal loan with a reasonable interest rate can be extremely difficult. Often, borrowers are forced to consider lenders that charge high interest rates and hefty fees, or request valuable items as collateral. With CreditShop, you may qualify for an Annual Percentage Rate (APR, the cost of credit as a yearly rate) from 19.9% to 36%.* And CreditShop customers who make their monthly payments on time ... never pay ongoing transaction fees or prepayment fees. For all these reasons, a CreditShop loan might be a smart choice that costs less.

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About Us

CreditShop provides affordable personal loans for everyday and emergency needs. Interest rates range from 29.9% to 36% and conform to the federally mandated threshold of 36% ... which many consumer advocates consider essential to keep borrowers out of the debt trap. While not everyone will qualify for a loan, many consumers use unsecured simple-interest installment loans to save money and pay less every month.